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GameCP Control Panel
GameCP control panel is an advanced software, which we use to provide you with the best gameserver experience. You can use it to manage your servers with an ease. For your convenience, it is available in multiple languages. A list of basic GameCP features:
  • Start/Stop/Restart the server
  • Server Console access
  • Built-in FTP client (Manage Files tab)
  • An ability to compress and uncompress files (Manage Files tab)
  • An ability to reinstall the server using default configuration files
  • Gameserver version selector (available for some games)
  • Server configuration files editor
  • Server details management (hostname, gamemodes, passwords and more)
  • User and Subuser accounts management
  • Server startup command management (optional)
  • ...and many more!
You can view a demo of the panel here:


Login details:

Login: ogtest
Password: testog

(due to limitations of a demo account, some of the control panel functionality might be disabled)

Should you have any questions regarding the Control Panel, please contact us at: support@OG-Servers.net

Published: 30-09-2009 14:00
Last edited: 26-04-2012 16:58

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