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Business as usual
Long time no news, but we've been running at OG-Servers business as usual, offering you top quality hosting for lowest prices around.

We have added a new server to our infrastructure with the following configuration:

- 8 cores * 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E5530
- 24 GB RAM
- 2 TB
- 100 Mbps connection
- Debian Linux 7.7

Latest version updates:

- MTA:SA 1.4
- SA-MP 0.3z

In case of any enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. Happy New Year to all the players!
Posted by: bor, on 24-01-2015 12:00, edited on: 24-01-2015 12:12    Comments(0) 
MTA:SA 1.3.1 released
MTA:SA 1.3.1 was released today, so as usual, you can find the relevant Add-ons in the GameCP, which you can use to update your server to the latest version. Please make sure to update both server binaries and resources.

Additionally, please make sure to add some lines to your config files prior to upgrading to the new version:


In case you have followed the above article before, you can just add the new lines, which are marked as (NEW), otherwise please follow the whole article.
Posted by: bor, on 03-09-2012 08:55, edited on: 23-01-2015 19:39    Comments(0) 
Software updates for MTA:SA and SA-MP
We have just released update packages to the following game servers:

MTA:SA 1.3 R4 r4004 - updated to 1.3 R8 r4415
MTA:SA resources r827 - updated to r854

SA-MP 0.3e - updated to 0.3e R2

You can find the packages in the GameCP panel, in Manage Add-ons tab. Additionally, if you are updating your MTA:SA 1.3.0 server, please make sure you follow the steps linked in the article below:


We recommend all users of MTA:SA 1.3 and SA-MP 0.3e to update the versions listed above.
Posted by: bor, on 02-08-2012 19:46    Comments(0) 
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