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Frequently Asked Questions
About us

When it comes to hosting services, we, staff of OG-Servers.net (On-line Gaming Servers) are proud of our rich experience in the field of server management, gained since 2006. We are gamers just like you, and we know what you expect from a proper hosting company.

OG-Servers.net offers stable and lagless servers in multiple locations. We do our best to provide the best gaming experience for our Customers by not overselling the services unlike many other companies who do so.
Our credo is flexibility - to provide a high quality service for demanding Customers while maintaining the lowest price.

We currently offer gameservers for over 25 games and further hosting services, such as Webhosting, Voice Servers and IRC bouncers. Every gameserver is equipped with a powerful control panel - GameCP, which provides an easy and effective way of maintaining your gameserver.
Remember: if you can't find your desired game or service on our Price list - fear not, and contact us. We might be able to arrange something for you.

Welcome to the OG-Servers.Net - the most flexible gameserver hosting company on the .Net!

Company details:

NIP no.: 521-322-73-51
REGON no.: 142497631
EDG no.: 470068

ul. Sielecka 6/8/37
00-738 Warszawa

Published: 30-09-2009 14:00
Last edited: 07-11-2013 11:06

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