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Frequently Asked Questions
What is FTP? How do I use it?

FTP is a an abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol.

You can use FTP to transfer any files to, or from your server. An example of its practical use is to download a configuration file from your server, edit it on your computer, then send it back in to the server. Or to upload some new maps or resources to the server.

You can also access your files through our Control Panel, using the built-in Filemanager (it is located in Manage Files tab).

To use FTP, you can use Windows Explorer, or any other FTP client, like Total Commander, Filezilla or FlashFXP.

Below you can find a simple step by step guide on how to use FTP for Windows Explorer (or Internet Explorer, as it works the same).

1. Open a new Windows Explorer window, for example by double clicking on your My Computer icon.
In the address bar, please enter the following address:


Please replace login, password and serverip phrases as stated below:
login: FTP login name which we sent to you in an e-mail message with your server data
password: password which we sent to you in an e-mail message with your server data, or which you set yourself in the GameCP Control Panel
serverip: IP address of your server, without a port number!

2. Once you have connected to your FTP account, you can do several operations, similar to the ones you could normally do on your PC. You can copy files from the FTP to your PC and vice versa, you can delete and rename files, and you can also set access permissions to them.

WARNING!: Make sure not to overwrite or remove your basic server files (usually located in the main gameserver directory), as it may render your server unusable and require doing a clean reinstall in the Control Panel in order to fix it. :!: :!:

Published: 30-09-2009 14:00
Last edited: 09-07-2012 21:21

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